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Behind the Scenes With Mr. LA 
May, 2018

From Charlie’s Angels to Rihanna’s 27th Birthday Party, the Sheats—Goldstien Residence is the backdrop for Los Angeles’s greatest hits, and the creator? An enigma as fabled as The City of Angeles.

Photo by Misha Tahir

It’s a quiet Friday evening in West Hollywood and I’m not quite sure if the Uber has taken us to the right address.

“Do you mind driving a little further up?”

Not something I’m used to saying, but when you’re in the winding Hollywood Hills to visit the architectural marvel that is the life work of “Mr. LA” Himself, James Goldstein, I guess there’s nowhere to go but up.

Perched high within that maze, nestled quietly within a corner cul-de-sac, the entrance to the landmark “Sheats—Goldstien” residence rests between an alley of unassuming homes, almost overlooked unless explicitly directed which way to go. Following the numbered sign, what was the alley turns quickly into a canopy of foreign foliage. All of a sudden, you’re in a different realm

“Yeah, definitely this one”.

Mr. Goldstein has just finished a round of tennis when we arrive at the gate, he fiddles with the combination in a classically flamboyant bright orange jumper, racket in hand, slightly unsteady. At 78 years young, Goldstein has the palpable aura of a Hollywood superstar,  his piercing blue eyes and austere silhouette seem straight out of a casting directors fantasy —charisma that’s as curious as it is compelling. I stop myself from an over-enthusiastic greeting, something tells me with James, everything is strictly business.
“I’ve got an hour and a half, I’ll go get changed”
Goldstein is a man you’ve most certainly seen and as certainly understood that he was famous. His sartorial choices don’t let you look over the fact that he’s of a different breed, an opulent cowboy his wide-brimmed hats and stiff leather jackets, tell the world he is some sort of a celebrity. [Read More]


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