is a Designer currently
based in Portland, OR.
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  1. A.B.C.D.(Thesis)Webseries/Zine
  2. An exploration on South Asian
    identities in American society.

  3. Old CELINÉ Digital Infographic
  4. A timeline of the history of the
    iconic French fashion brand.

  5. Lines In Gold Illuminated Manuscript A celebration of calligraphy
    and the written word in Islam.

  6. SUPRA Editorial Magazine  A publication dedicated to those
    who stand out ‘above’ the rest.



— December 10, 1994 

“In this Western world we have, culture
risks being only a form of entertainment.”
(Shirin Neshat)


Misha was recently a guest on the
Design podcast ‘Work In Progress’.

Through careful observation, Misha explores the critical relationship between design and its response to contemporary culture. In a massively shifting digital world, she hopes to learn from people, places, and spaces that innovate meaningful solutions. Curious about the world around her, she spent her childhood visiting family in Pakistan and her college years at Portland State where she
participated in the schools first international design exchange at the University of the Arts, London.

Misha graduated in June of 2019 from Portland State University
with a Bachelors of the Arts degree in Graphic Design and Art History.

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