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American Born Confused Desi

Web Series, Interview Zine

2019 (Thesis)

A.B.C.D. or American Born Confused Desi is a response to the first generation assimilation of two contrasting Eastern and Western worlds. The project exists as a conversational Webseries, and coupled interview transcription zine, each episode highlighting an individual South Asian, or “Desi” adolescent perspective. We discuss navigating the immigrant diaspora, cultural identity, and the universal challenges of growing up.

This project is a culmination of 8 months of thesis research, and was selected for presentation at Portland State Graphic Design’s 2019 Thesis Symposium. 

Web Series    
Hosted on Youtube, Season 1
︎Ep. 1—Jamila
︎Ep. 2—Iman


Guest speaker on ‘Work In Progress’
︎Ep. 1—Misha


Digital Timeline Infographic


Geographers say there are two kinds of islands. This is valuable information for the imagination because it confirms what the imagination already knew. Nor is it the only case where science makes mythology more concrete, and mythology makes science more vivid.
Desert Islands and Other Texts
Gilles Deleuze  

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