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American Born Confused Desi

Web Series, Interview Zine

2019 (Thesis)

A.B.C.D. or American Born Confused Desi is a response to the first generation assimilation of two contrasting Eastern and Western worlds. The project exists as a conversational Webseries, and coupled interview transcription zine, each episode highlighting an individual South Asian, or “Desi” adolescent perspective. We discuss navigating the immigrant diaspora, cultural identity, and the universal challenges of growing up.

This project is a culmination of 8 months of thesis research, and was selected for presentation at Portland State Graphic Design’s 2019 Thesis Symposium. 

Web Series (Video)    
Hosted on Youtube, Season 1
︎Ep. 1—Jamila
︎Ep. 2—Iman


Guest Interview ‘Work In Progress’
︎Ep. 1—Misha

Lines In Gold

Coffee Table Book 


In Islam, the written word is used for both communication and artistic expression. In order to elevate a text intended to convey the importance of this meaning, Lines in Gold takes the form of a contemporary Illuminated manuscript. Gold foiling is superimposed upon hand done calligraphy, etching the importance of the precious nature of text as art. Traditional typefaces and page reformations are paced throughout to evoke the narrative and elevated feel of the object.


Concept Magazine


‘SUPRA’, a latin prefix translating to transcending, is a concept magazine focused on featuring creators that rise above the rest. On the cover, the main feature article, an interview with Los Angels based mogul James Goldstien, photographed and written by myself. Articles regarding Travel Sustainability and Aforphilia were individually sourced by Vogue and The New York Times.

︎Read The Article Here


Digital Timeline Infographic


Last year it was declared that the iconic French fashion house ‘CELINÉ’ would be transitioning it’s creative leadership. The beloved Creative Director Pheobe Philo would be leaving after a decade long reformation of the brand into the minimalist womenswear pinnacle. Impassioned by Philo’s departure, fans reminsced on the history as titled “the Old CELINÉ”, the era of it’s glory from 2008-2018.

This infographic exists as an homage, using the color palettes, typefaces, and textures of CELINÉ during the glory (Philo lead) years to celebrate it’s visual history. Simultaneously it chronicles the brands timeline of leadership and international presence, establishing it’s significance as an international fashion powerhouse.

PSU Art History

Program Brochure


Working together with the department at Portland State University, the intention of this project was to engage a younger more trendy artistic audience to pursue a degree addition of Art History. Using gradients, bold colors, and text blocking, this piece communicates a fresh and youthful feel that incorporates art history as a collective experience of the World, rather than sticking to it’s existing stereotypes.

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