Misha Tahir (b. 1994) is a visual designer

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Misha Tahir  (b.1994)

A.B.C.D. Stories (Senior Thesis) 2019
A.B.C.D. or American Born Confused Desi is a multidisciplinary response to the first generation assimilation process of South Asian American youth. The project exists primarily as a 2 episode digitial Webseries, coupled with a newsprint zine of transcirbed  interviews. Each episode aims to highlight an individual Desi (South Asian) adolescent perspective on growing up in America. Together, we discussed navigating the immigrant experience, cultural identity, and the universal challenge of growing up.

This project is the culmination of 8 months of thesis research, and was selected for presentation at PSUGD Thesis Symposium 2019 (photos below)

Interview Newsprint Zine
Video Web Series
Episode 1
Episode 2

Work In Progress (Podcast)

Editorial, Art Direction, Writing, Production, Video Editing, Photography

Full Zine